our aim is to give you an experience of brilliance and perfection.

Our wide range of photography backdrops are vibrant, vivid and colorful and will help you build an inventory of backdrops that your dreams for a studio is made up of. From meticulously handcrafted backdrops to the ones created with unique technology and process, we bring you an extraordinary range of studio backdrops that is comparable to the bests in the world if not the best.

At StudioFolks, our aim is to give you an experience of brilliance and perfection.We meticulously design and manufacture our products for your satisfaction. Needless to say every backdrop adds to your photography. Our signature backdrops are created using the best and ecofriendly Indian cotton to make sure you get nothing but the best. We make it affordable too.



We aim to give you backdrops, each of which are meticulously designed to perfection and each one will give you an ultimate satisfaction, whether you’re shooting indoor or on location. Each one of them will add to your photography and you’ll experience excellence in every shot you take.


Design and manufacture each and every backdrop to make you experience brilliance and perfection day in day out. Ecofriendly product at affordable price.

we love what we do

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